Technical Writing: pbnArtist User’s Manual

By:  Tim Schreyer

I am also a computer programmer, and I have written a program called pbnArtist that converts photographs to paint-by-number pictures.  This is the user’s manual I wrote for that software.

One of my pet peeves with software manuals is that they will tell you how to use a command, but they don’t always tell you where to find the command in the menu structure. So you end up searching the help files and clicking “Click Here” whenever you want to use that command.

I wanted to avoid that problem with this manual, so I included a lot of pictures, including some animated GIF files, that show where each command can be found and also show the expected behavior of running each command. (Sorry, but the animations don’t work in this pdf version).This is the User’s Manual I wrote for the pbnArtist software.



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