Las Vegas Custom Cakes Website

By:  Tim Schreyer

This website is for a company in Las Vegas that sells very artistic, custom cakes for weddings and other occasions.  It regularly ranked in the top 5 positions on Google for the keywords “wedding cake las vegas”, “birthday cake las vegas”, and other cake types during the 4 years that I was its web manager.

With artistic products, it can be tempting to use a lot of photographs in a website, and very little text. But this can be a trap.

You still need to take the reader through the phases of Attention, Interest, Desire, Proof and Action, and you need to consider where your photographs fit within that structure.

So for this website, the business owner and I decided that we weren’t just selling a cake, we were selling an “event”.  The photographs were good at getting interest, but we still needed text to get attention and create desire. I used text with a few photos on the homepage, and then put more than 350 photographs (eventually more than 600) in a separate gallery.

The Call-To-Action was a long, 3-page form that asked questions about the event. Asking leads to provide this much information can be a risk, but in this case it also showed the reader how much thought is required to design a custom cane. It also showed how much dedication this company put into helping the client have a unique event. So the Call-To-Action is also building Desire and showing Proof.

Anyway, the strategy worked. The company’s previous owner used this website design for four years and was able to grow and sell the company for a nice ROI during that time. I probably shouldn’t tell you how many zeroes they were able to include in the price of their cakes!


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